Last modified at 8/11/2017 1:04 PM by Rick Lang
Create txGradebook Account

1. Click on the TxGradebook icon on our home page or on the TxGradebook icon on your desktop.
2. Click on New User.
3. Registration Step 1:
  • Enter your nine-digit employee number (found on back of your badge). _______________________
  • Enter Last Name and First Initial. (This will match payroll so it must be your legal name.)
4. Registration Step 2:
  • Key in user ID (campus initials (FHS/FMS/FES/STW/FPS) plus last 4 digits (including zeros) of employee ID number.  EX:  FHS9999)
  • ___________________
  • Create your password (6-9 alpha-numeric characters using at least 3 of the following:  uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and/or punctuation EX: “Billie1”.  Your password is case-sensitive.   _________________
  • Enter your PIN number:  This is the last 4 digits of your employee number (found on back of your badge).  If you have 3 characters, add a 0 before the number.  EX:  786 should be 0786. ________________
5. Registration Step 3:
  • Select and answer 3 hint questions.  Answers are case-sensitive.
Success!  Your account is now set up!  In the future, you will only need to type your user ID and password at the Login page.