The Legacy of the Ancients

  • Dear Parents, 

         Welcome to the new school year.  Gifted and talented classes will begin on Tuesday, September 3.  Students will meet with me almost every Tuesday and Thursday during their specials time.  I have attached a homeroom schedule on my site.  Our theme for the year is THE LEGACY OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS.  My goal for the year is to provide your gifted student with lessons that give them a needed depth and complexity.  I strive to provide units that incorporate the main content areas of Language arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math.  I am a firm advocate of using STEAM lessons (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).  I also try to provide a variety of modalities during my class time.  My lessons are differentiated as much as possible to give students of varying abilities and ages opportunities to work on their level and above.  

         I am excited about studying the Ancient Greeks and Romans this year because they left our modern civilizations with so much legacy.  From government to language, they have provided much to our way of life.  We do have one or two long term projects along the way and will have a "Showcase" to show off these projects.  The students are given more than ample time to complete these projects and are provided with choices that most excite or intrigue them.  

          As time permits, I hope to do a unit on endangered animals, with special lessons from a rescue site at South Padre Island.  I had a very nice parent who showed me the information and I am most impressed with the lessons.

          If you have any questions, my email is and the school phone number is 830-997-9595.  My extension is 1616.


    Teri Ewing, GT Teacher