FMS Registration Procedure 2020-2021

  • The registration process provides schools with critical information about who has access to your children/students, who makes education decisions, and who receives communications from the school and teachers.  In an effort to ensure the safety of your students and follow FERPA (Family, Education, Rights and Privacy Act) Guidelines, we are in the process of fortifying our student registration process.  This involves re-establishing and adhering to student registration guidelines and reviewing previous registration forms for accuracy.


    Following the steps listed below will ensure a smooth registration process for both the families and the schools, thank you.

    1. Contact the FMS Registrar, Karen Rimes, at 830-997-7657 X1351 to set up an appointment to enroll a new student.
    2. Upon arrival to your appointment please make sure you have all of the proper paperwork completed and the required documentation ready. 
      • Child's birth certificate
      • Up-to-date immunization records
      • Child's social security card (a state ID number may also be used/issued)
      • Withdraw papers/last report card or transcript of grades (Determines grade/course placement; records can be requested from previous school; there is flexibility with this requirement.
      • Accompanying parent or guardian with a photo ID
      • Proof of residency in our school district (If not in district you must complete a Transfer Request with our FISD Central Office.  This form then needs to be approved before registering with the school).                  

           3.  Once all paperwork is completed and all required documentation is collected then the registration process can be completed at your appointment.  If any paperwork or documentation is missing or not completed then the school is unable to register the student.

           4.  During the appointment the completed registration paperwork will then need to be reviewed by Campus Administration for approval.  Once that step is complete then your students assigned Counselor will begin the course selection process.  

           5.  If you are a returning student, sign in to your TxConnect account and enroll online.  If you need a Portal ID, help with your user name or any other issues please email

    The following documents are acceptable forms for proof of residency:

    • A current household utility statement in the parent's or guardian's name (electric or water ONLY) showing service address within FISD boundaries; 911 Address only, no PO Boxes.
    • A recently paid rent receipt showing service address within FISD boundaries.
    • A current lease agreement or mortgage statement (within the last 30 days)
    • Sworn affidavit of a parent or guardian that they and the child seeking admission are bona fide residents of the District, i.e. that they eat, sleep and maintain clothing and other personal effects at an address within the District's boundaries shown on the application for admission.
    • If proof of residence is not in parent's name, you must have a notarized Letter of Residency/Host Family Form signed by the residence's owner.  A proof of residence belonging to the residence's owner is still required to attach to the notarized Letter of Residency Form.

    Please note that only biological or custodial parents as indicated by court documents are considered primary contacts for school children.  If the biological or custodial parent requests access for a step-parent, grand-parent, other relative, adult sibling, or other designated person to serve in their place as parents when they are not available, they must submit a Power of Attorney (POA) form to the school.  The POA may be obtained through an attorney's office or the school can provide a sample form, which must be notarized by an independent notary who is not affiliated with the school district.  The POA is also available in the Forms section of the Registrar section of this website.


    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we ensure that all student registration records are accurate.