• ART 1 

    Week 3 : paint a rock.  Students shoud find a smooth rock and decorate it being  very neat and creative.  Make sure that you put your name on the back with the period.



      There is a packet for you in the high school office.  First you will draw a face on the back of the handout using the correct proportions and shading.  Next is a city scape of 3 buildings that you need to complete. 

    Last there is a handout over Van Gogh, please read and answer the first 8 questions.  This will last you until March the 25.


    ART 2

    Week 3   :  Using images from your power point, replicate on of the works of art.  If you need bristol board there will be some in the office. 


       There  is a packet for you in the high school office.  You will need to creat a tesselation and color it.  Next you will have to creat a drawing like the 3 samples in the packet of a picture find.  This will last you through March 25.  


    If you have questions please email me.





    Mrs. Walston