• Elleigh's Schedule created by her dad, Russell Sabia

    8:30-9:00  Wake up (why wake up early if you don't have to)

    9:00-10:00  Start with Math. 1 lesson of Imagine Math everyday, then XtraMath everyday

    10:00-11:00   30 minute bike ride.  She rides while he runs. It's great because they get to talk while getting the blood pumping and really waking up.  Kids can play toss, bike around or whatever without breaking quarantine rules.

    11:00-12:00  Now onto iStation or the Stemscopes lessons.  They have been rotating these depending on the lessons and needs of the teacher.

    12:00-1:00  Recess and lunch.  Elleigh says that recess should be first because that's "what we do".  She can play on her phone, Playstation, or run around outside some more.  After that they eat lunh.

    1:00-2:00  Reading or AR testing.  In the beginning she was reading 2 books a week and taking AR tests, now she is reading longer chapter books.

    2:00-3:00  Specials.  This rotates around.  If there is other School work, this can get done at this time.  Some days are "design class'.  Elleigh wants to be a designer, so some days are spent designing, making logo's or branding, or just drawing.  Elleigh's dad has her on Fiver and Upwork doing logo work.  Some days they take time to learn Japanese.  Some days she watches a documentary and has to summarize it.  Basically she does things that she is interested in doing.

    3:00-4:00  Gym Class.  Some days she does a little weightlifting - at best 3 times per week.  She has her own little dumbells and a routine.  

    4:00-5:00  School is out.  If she wakes up late, school might go a little longer.

    (A little secret):  Once a week, she never knows what day, she gets out of school early, like 1 or 2.  This adds some surprise factor to the week and keeps her excited for when it comes again.