• This wonderful site provides 50 science experiments that are very easy to do at home.  They were listed in a first grade learning website, but when I opened them and studied them, I realized they would work across many grade levels.  Included:

    • a great video on Leonardo de Vinci in the Build a de Vinci bridge section.  This might be my favorite activity.
    • build an egg drop container
    • learn about plant transpiration (EXCELLENT)
    • stand on a pile of paper cups (We did this at family STEAM night)
    • solar oven (Great for Earth Day on April 22)
    • engineer a newspaper tower
    • different ideas for catapults.

    Enjoy! Send me pictures if you build something from this site.  I will put them in our picture section and on our private FACEBOOK account, if it is okay with your parents.  

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