• Current / Returning Student Registration

    • If you currently have an active student enrolled in Fredericksburg ISD and need to complete online registration, please click the link below:

    We look forward to another great school year at Fredericksburg ISD. Please complete the online Returning Student Registration process through the Skyward Family Access Portal to register your child for the upcoming school year. Once logged in, click on the Returning Registration box. If you don't see the Returning Student Registration tile, click the downward arrow by the house, then click Family Access. This process will need to be completed for each of your student(s). The icon will look like this:

                    family access2                            rr

    SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS   (we will need to add this link to Skyward for family access or edit the link) 

    • Proof of Residency (no subleasing or room rentals permitted) for grades PK, KG, 2nd FES, 6th, 9th
      • Homeowner – provide a copy of the top portion of a water, gas or electric bill showing address within the past 30 days.
      • Leaser/Renter – provide a current signed lease agreement – parent/guardian must be listed as the lease holder or occupant;
      • If the parent/guardian is not listed as homeowner, leaser or occupant, then an “Residency General Affidavit” must be completed by the parent/guardian/homeowner and/or lease holder   
      • Download proof of residency letter                                               

     Please Note:  Online Registration and Enrollment is not available on the Skyward App.  Please use a computer or Chromebook type device to log in and complete the online forms. 

    Skyward has the availability to allow multiple family demographics to be entered into Skyward; the first family is the family the student lives with and will be able to register the student. 

    Having Trouble Logging in to Family Access or Have Never Logged in Before?

    Your username for Skyward Family Access is typically in the following format: FirstName initial LastName (Example: Jsmith or Jsmithsmi).  Your password is created by you when you set up your account.  If you have forgotten your password or need to reset your password click "Forgot your Username or Password?" at the bottom of the login page and follow the instructions.  You can enter your username or email address and hit Submit.  An email message will be sent to you with directions for resetting your password.