• History of Fredericksburg, Texas 

    Fredericksburg history begins with the town’s founding. In 1846, John O. Meusebach created Fredericksburg, then called Friedrichsburg, as the second of a pair of settlements for those brought to Texas by the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas, also known as the Adelsverein.

    The city was named for Prince Frederick of Prussia, who was the highest member of the Adelsverein. The townsite was situated perfectly in a well-timbered area between Barton and Town Creeks, which would provide the supplies for the settlement to get started. Those who came to the area largely were German immigrants from intellectual, liberal classes, but worship services remained an integral part of their lives.

    The Vereins Kirche was the hub of the community, and this building served as the church, community center, and school.

    Fredericksburg history Downtown Fredericksburg during the holidays

    Today, Fredericksburg strives to remain connected to its German origins while making strides into the future. Its historic district gives visitors and new generations a peek into Fredericksburg history, so they can continue to keep the past alive. Tourism is still a large part of the economy, and fewer people speak German than ever, but this town remains a genuine piece of Texas history, that changes with the times, keeping relevant while preserving its past.



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