Fredericksburg ISD Beliefs

  • In Fredericksburg ISD we believe:

    • Students will be challenged and engaged as creative and collaborative problem solvers with academic confidence. 
    • Teachers build individualized relationships with students and families to strengthen academic confidence, inspire an ongoing desire to learn, and to be a positive, contributing member of society. 
    • Campus Leaders are accountable to the community, staff, and students through active engagement, academic confidence, and team driven results. 
    • Parents and Families are engaged partners who both need and provide appropriate levels of support and good communication so that all partners can be accountable. 
    • The Superintendent and Central Office Staff have a supportative role in the school district, to facilitate, communicate, evaluate, and lead all aspects of the District's goals.
    • The School Board is the voice of the community by demonstrating accountability, instituting checks and balances, providing governance oversight, and bridging the gap between the community and the school district. 

FISD Board of Trustees

Phone: 210-213-1195


Degrees and Certifications:

Mark Cornett

School Board Member, President

Elected to the board:  2010-2011                                   Re-Election Year:  May 2025

Our future relies on the success of students today.  I believe we can give students the tools they need to become successful contributing members of society.  I have served as a trustee beginning in 2010, completed  Leadership TASB training in 2017, and been part of several successful bond programs.  I believe the school is responsible for partnering with parents and the community to provide rigorous academic instruction, relevant career and technical programs to suit future student needs, and extracurricular programs to promote competition, teamwork, and hard work.   Trustees are responsible for overseeing the administration's roles in balancing student and staff needs along with available financial resources.  My wife, Dr. Karen Cornett, and I have four children who are graduates or attending FISD schools – Mary, Otto, Summer and Henry.  My family is active with Holy Ghost Lutheran Church and I’ve led youth construction trips to Mexico with Mision de Candelia; coached youth baseball, soccer, and basketball;  and volunteered for primary to high school activities.  My education is from Texas public schools:  Canadian High School and degrees in Civil and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1996 and 1999.  I have a 26-year career in land development, civil construction, project management, and engineering consulting.  I serve public and private clients throughout the region through Cornett Engineering and understand the impacts of growth, development, infrastructure, and property values.

Phone: 830-992-9329


Degrees and Certifications:

Matt Seidenberger


School Board Vice-President

Elected to the Board: 2022-2023                    Re-election year:  May 2025

Matt Seidenberger and his wife, Lorena, moved to Fredericksburg in 2002 after deciding this type of small town was where they’d like to raise a family. They have two boys currently in school in Gillespie County – FHS Class of 2023 and 2030. Seidenberger earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Agribusiness from Texas A&M and has worked at Arrowhead Bank since moving to the hill country in 2000.

Mr. Seidenberger’s philosophy of service is that good people with common sense, hearts directed towards the mission, and a willingness to serve must take their turns if communities & their organizations are to be successful. This philosophy is evident in his history of serving across various civic, religious, and youth activities in Gillespie County, and it was a driving reason behind his decision to run for FISD School Board Trustee.

He strongly believes that Fredericksburg ISD should provide children an educational foundation as early as possible, as learning in the earliest grades provides the building blocks for growth as they age & mature. This educational foundation, combined with participation and success in extra-curricular activities throughout their time here, will help provide children with the tools to move into whatever awaits them after graduating from FISD schools.

Seidenberger’s hope is to help provide the governance and oversight of what should be a healthy, inclusive, and enriching school district for children, teachers, staff, and the rest of all stakeholders in Gillespie County.

Phone: 830-997-5508


Degrees and Certifications:

C. Brian Lehne

School Board Secretary 

Elected to the board:  2017-2018                  Re-Election Year: May 2026

Brian and his wife, Shawn, reside in Fredericksburg.  His oldest two children graduated from FISD in 2008 and 2010, and his youngest will graduate in 2023.   

Brian was born in Midland, Texas, and moved to Fredericksburg in 1999 to join his family.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University in 1987.  He owns Lehne Construction and has been in business for 30+ years focusing on Architectural, Structural, and Civil Construction.

He has a deep civic commitment to the youth in our community and state, best shown in his present and past involvement in the Fredericksburg ISD Education Foundation as a board member, our local 4-H and FFA Chapter as a mentor and a member of the Agricultural Advisory Board, Gillespie County’s Livestock Show Board, the Gillespie County Wild Game Dinner, and the Hill District Grandstand Youth Livestock Show Board. In addition, as a 14-year board member for the Lone Star Cattlemen Foundation, he dedicates his time to continually looking for new ways to bring financial support to our youth.  To date, LSC has spent over $2M and purchased over 1,000 FFA and 4-H projects, helping countless students as they pursue their dreams of higher education. A record-setting civic commitment has been Rodeo Austin.  Lehne has gone from a Committee Chair aiding in setting record Youth Auctions to the Board of Directors and served as President of the organization.  Through this involvement, he aided the organization in giving back a record $2.5 million annually to youth from all walks of life.  His philanthropy focuses on supporting education and understanding that our community’s best resource is our youth.

As a school board member, he focuses on preparing our youth for the real world after completing their high school education.  “It is important to promote self-reliant, self-starting, hard-working youth who are employable.  We need to ensure our classrooms produce this type of citizen for our community’s future.  We need to ensure that we focus on quality teacher retention, broad classroom options for our students, career & technical (vocational) opportunities, good facilities, and parental involvement.  Our youth, above all, are our greatest achievements.  As a school board member, I listen.  I feel this is one of the most important things that I can bring to the table.  Listening is crucial to building a strong team and maintaining a positive environment.”

Phone: 830-456-6229


Degrees and Certifications:

Kelly C. DiCuffa

School Board Member

Elected to the board:  2018-2019               Re-Election Year:  May 2024

Kelly DiCuffa comes to the board with a background in consulting with Accenture in government and financial services with Bank of America and USAA. Her FISD school passion is literacy and college applications for all. She is a mom of three FISD students. Go Billies!

Phone: 830-992-6080


Degrees and Certifications:

Judge Edwards

School Board Member, Secretary

Elected to the board: 2018-2019                       Re-Election Year:   May 2024

Raising our family in Gillespie County has been a great experience.  It is the community my wife, Kristen, and I were born and raised in and were supported by.  Now we enjoy being a part of it as a family.  Kristen and I have two young boys.  I enjoy helping with 4-H and FFA youth auctions as a buyer and serving on the board of an organization that works to keep kids safe.  I believe a great education is a powerful tool for them in that process.  Students, parents, teachers, retired teachers, administrators, and taxpayers all need their interests protected by a board that knows how to lead.  I take time to listen.  I care.  I find value in working together with local people and local government. 

Phone: 830-644-8381


Degrees and Certifications:

Keri Hensley

School Board Member

Elected to the board:  2023-2024             Re-Election Year:  May 2026

Keri J. Hensley is committed to the Fredericksburg community, especially the children and schools. She and her husband, Jason, reside in Fredericksburg along with their three children; two of whom attend Fredericksburg Elementary and their youngest will start Kindergarten at Fredericksburg Primary in the fall of 2023.

Keri was raised in Miles, Texas, where her mother was an elementary teacher at Miles ISD for 30 years and still serves an active role as a part of the Texas Retired Teachers Association. After high school, Keri attended Texas A&M University where she was a leader in multiple student organizations, graduating in 2006. 

She is proud to call Fredericksburg home and will work tirelessly to ensure our youth have every opportunity to succeed in school and the world beyond.  She will employ the many skills and learning gained from experiences in both the professional and non-profit worlds to find effective solutions to the challenges facing our schools.

She will advocate for the hardworking teachers, staff and administrators who share the goal of strengthening our youth so that they will be ready to and capable of rising to meet any challenge. 

Phone: 830-456-2256


Degrees and Certifications:

Taylor Ward

School Board Member

Elected to the board:  2023-2024                              Re-Election Year:  May 2026

Taylor Ward and his wife, Casie, have spent most of their lives as Fredericksburg residents. After growing up here, they moved back seven years ago to be closer to family and raise their children. Beckett is a second grader at Fredericksburg Elementary School, Collins is a Kindergartener at Fredericksburg Primary School and Wells attends Bethany Preschool. Taylor and Casie are both 2005 Fredericksburg ISD graduates.

He dedicates time to the Fredericksburg Education Alliance, which lobbies to reduce recaptured local tax dollars to keep for use within FISD. Not only is he committed to being a part of the community, he has also given his time and energy to several fundraising events that have benefited the community. This includes events such as Ducks Unlimited, Believe in Brady and, most recently, helping start a fundraising event where a group of local men raise money for charities in town. 

As a resident of Fredericksburg and a father, he wants what is best for not only his children but all the youth of the entire community. With a servant’s heart, he is dedicated to committing his time and energy to what is currently happening but also looking ahead to the future.