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Ms. Verburgt

Students, I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. I am sorry we will not be able to meet in class this week. For now, I will be using this website to give assignments. Please email me with any questions.  


Algebra 2 


For my sturdents: here are the links to the online textbook and tutorials.  



Algebra 1 

Students, if you click the Alg 1 link to the left, it shows all your work. If you did not get paper pick up or if you don't have a printer, you can just do the work on your own sheet of paper.I strongly encourage you to download a graphing calculator on your phone. There are several free options for iphones and androids. At this time, I ask that you keep your work organized in a folder to turn in when we return. If our break is extended for a longer period of time we will revisit how to turn in work. If you have any questions please email me and I will try to help you with whatever issue you are having. Be safe out there! I miss you guys!


Algebra 1 (first semester)

Students, here is the work for this week. For now you can complete it on your own paper and we will see how to turn it in once we get more informations. Right now I just want you to focus on completions. I strongly suggest you download a graphing calculator app onto your iphone or android. There are several free options. 

Week 1



Week 2

202003171100.pdf (inequality notes)


Week 3




Week 4






Hello! My name is Megan Verbugt and I am very excited to be starting my first year teaching math at FISD. I am from Johnson City and worked at the JCISD school district for 6 years. I have 2 awesome kiddos. An 12 year old daughter in the 6th grade and a 4 year old son in PreK.