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    Please read all messages carefully. 

    Mon,4/6  Congratulations!  It appears that Edgenuity is up and running for SISSOM ALGEBRA I.  Several of you have successfully submitted work, and I thank you for being my early birds in testing these new waters. You've been a big help to me getting this set up.  Work for Weeks 1 - 3 must be completed if you have any still missing.  You can check TxConnect for all work submitted so far.  Everything is graded and recorded on the gradebook except for paper copies that I picked up today from the school.  I will email you when I have the next set of assignments on Edgenuity. DO NOT DO PAPER WORKSHEETS FOR WEEK 4 -- those are only for students who cannot access Edgenuity.  Please keep an eye on the gradebook, and let me know if you think I've made a mistake.  I will continue to monitor your work daily, so keep me informed on how you are doing.  Please ask questions if you need anything.   MISS YOU! 

    Fri, 4/3   IMPORTANT NEW INFO:   Starting Monday, 4/6, all Algebra I classes are switching over to EdgenuityIt has videos for every lesson, and the work is done on the computer.  You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Hopefully this will make turning in work easier because edgenuity will keep track of your work.  To login to Edgenuity:  go to - CLEVER at the bottom - EDGENUITY near the bottom - student login. Use your school I.D. # for both the username and password.  Any missing work from Weeks 1 - 3 must still be turned in to get credit. Edgenuity is required unless you do not have access to the Internet.  Paper packets can still be picked up at the school office if this is the case. 

    I am new to Edgenuity, so let me know of any problems.  I'll do my best to fix them as soon as I possibly can!  Please email me with any questions at all.  Leave your phone # if you would like me to call you.  BEST WISHES!


    Tues, 3/24  More videos are posted on my webpage to help with lessons for Week 2, 3/23 - 3/27.  Work for Week 3 will be posted no later than noon tomorrow.  I’m so thrilled at all the assignments I am receiving by email.  Don’t forget, you can also drop off work at the school office any morning until noon.  Be sure to have my name on it!  I am not taking off late points for one more week.  Please check on your friends who are taking Alg I to see if you might be able to help them over the phone.  Some may need the encouragement!  All Alg I teachers are giving the same assignments. Bless you, and continue to stay safe! 

    Sun, 3/22/20

    Nine-week grades will be available on TxConnect soon.  Please check your grades for Alg I.  If your average for this 9-weeks is below 70, I will give assignments that can be used as replacement grades for a maximum of 70 each.

    I’m getting lots of really good work sent to my email, so keep it coming!  You can always turn in work in person at the high school, and there are no late points for one more week.  

    There were 2 graded papers assigned this past week, and there will be two this coming week – one of those will be a test to take at home.   Unfortunately, there will be some who will take advantage of this situation and be dishonest on the test, but I know that most of you are not that type of person.  So please be honest, do your own work.  You may use your own notes.  The important thing is to get really strong at graphing and finding information from those graphs.  This test is made up of skills we learned in class, including working with the graphing calculator.

    I will continue to post notes and videos as we go.  Let me know if there’s something specific you need.  Hopefully, this won’t last much longer! 

    Be safe!

    Update Sat, 3/21/20 a.m.   I will be posting handouts and info here as long as you are working from home.  Please check this page regularly, and also check the high-school webpage at for updates.  Handouts can be picked up at school if you prefer.  If you cannot print the handouts or come to the school at the designated times to get them, you can write answers on a clean sheet of paper to turn in.

    You will need access to a graphing calculator - you can get a free app on your cell phone.  Let me or someone at the school know if you need help with this.  It's very important for your assignments and tests.

    FOR WEEKS 1 - 3 ONLY -- Email work to me at, or bring to the school.  Work can be picked up and dropped off at the office Mon & Weds 8:00 - 1:00pm or Tue, Thur, Fri  8:00 - noon.  Late work is accepted -- no points will be taken off for the first 2 weeks while we get adapted to distance learning.  Hopefully, within these 1st couple of weeks, you have found the best routine that works for you to receive and turn in work.  Let me know if I can help.

    Email me if you have questions.  Sometimes emails get lost or wind up in the junk folder by accident, so if I do not get back to you within a few hours, please try again, or call the school and leave me a message along with your name and phone number if you want me to call you back.  Emails received after 5 pm Mon. - Thurs. will be answered the next morning.  Emails received after 5pm Fri. or on the weekend will be answered Monday morning.

    ALGEBRA I HANDOUTS for WEEKS 1 - 3,  Mar. 16 - Apr. 3 - Email to me or turn in to office when finished.

    Due dates are beside the titles below.  No late points for first 2 weeks of home school.

    ALGEBRA I KEYS for Weeks 1 - 3

    HELPFUL VIDEOS  Caution:  If you use the links below, you'll be leaving the district website. Follow proper precautions as you would anytime you are using the Internet.