• The bond proposal addresses projects throughout the District, including the proposed projects below:

    • A new Fredericksburg Middle School 
    • CTE additions and renovations at Fredericksburg High School
    • Technology infrastructure improvements
    • Safety and security
    • Transportation upgrades and additions
    • Softball/Baseball Dressing Room addition at Fredericksburg High School
    • Weight Room addition at FHS
    • Inclusive Playgrounds at Fredericksburg Primary School, Fredericksburg Elementary School, and Stonewall Elementary School
    • Outdoor Playground Restrooms at Fredericksburg Primary School
    • Stonewall Elementary School Gym improvements


    The bond proposal will be presented to voters in one single ballot proposition: 

    • Proposition A – School Buildings, Infrastructure & Improvements 

    Fredericksburg community members are encouraged to explore this informational webpage to learn more about what’s included in the proposed bond package; how the bond proposal was developed; and how FISD’s conservative fiscal approach currently allows the district to fund capital projects without an increase to the district’s tax rate.

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  • Background
  • Legal and Ballot Language
  • Recapture 101 Robin Hood
  • Tax and Financial Information

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is going to happen to the current Middle School campus?

  • What is a Bond?

  • How can bond funds be used?

  • Why do you need a bond election?

  • Why are we not proposing to build a new high school and moving FMS to the current FHS campus?

Questions about Taxes

  • How will the 2022 bond election affect my taxes?

  • Why does the ballot say this will be a tax increase?

  • How can Fredericksburg ISD afford to issue bonds without an increase to the tax rate?

  • Why is there no other way to fund these projects?

  • What if I’m 65-years old or older and receive the “senior citizen exemption” and my home values go up? Will my school taxes go up?

Questions about Voting

  • Who is eligible to vote in this election?

  • What if I’m new to the community and not yet registered to vote?

  • How do I know if I’m registered?

  • Where can I vote?

Questions about New Facilities

  • What is going to happen to the current Middle School campus?

  • When will the new Fredericksburg Middle School be occupied?