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Welcome to the Frederickburg ISD Operations Department!  

Our department is responsible for all of the maintenance and custodial needs of the district.  These include but are not limited to plumbing, turf management, waste management, electrical, HVAC, painting, new and existing construction, access control, and recycling.  

It is our goal to keep our campuses well maintained and safe for our students and staff.  That is our part in ensuring a proper learning environment.

Integrated Pest Management

The district is required to follow integrated pest management (IPM) procedures to control pests on school grounds. Although the district strives to use the safest and most effective methods to manage pests, including a variety of non-chemical control measures, pesticide use is sometimes necessary to maintain adequate pest control and ensure a safe, pest-free school environment. All pesticides used are registered for their intended use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are applied only by certified pesticide applicators. Except in an emergency, signs will be posted 48 hours before indoor application. All outdoor applications will be posted at the time of treatment, and signs will remain until it is safe to enter the area. Parents who have further questions or who want to be notified prior to pesticide application inside their child’s school assignment area may contact the Operations Director or the district’s IPM coordinator, at 830.997.9551 X 1014.