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Board of Trustees

In the Fredericksburg Independent School District, the school board is a vital elected, local governing body that operates solely during legally called meetings and makes decisions through majority voting. Each board member is responsible for thoroughly studying matters that impact the district, ensuring they are well-prepared to take action on items brought before the Board during publicly posted meetings.

As a school board, our main responsibilities encompass the following:

In carrying out these responsibilities, we are committed to transparency, openness, and collaboration with all Fredericksburg Independent School District stakeholders. Our decisions are based on careful consideration of the needs and aspirations of our community, with the ultimate goal of providing an exceptional educational environment for all our students.

As a community member, your input and engagement are essential to the success of our school district. We encourage you to attend our public meetings, share your thoughts, and actively participate in shaping the future of education in our community. Together, we can continue to foster a supportive and enriching educational experience for our students, empowering them to achieve their full potential and become successful, responsible members of society.

Members of the Board


Mark Cornett, School Board President

Elected to the board:  2010-2011                                   

Re-Election Year:  May 2025

Phone: 210-213-1195




Matt Seidenberger, School Board Vice-President

Elected to the Board: 2022-2023                   

Re-election year:  May 2025

Phone: 830-992-9329



Brian Lehne, School Board Secretary

Elected to the board:  2017-2018                  

Re-Election Year: May 2026

Phone: 830-997-5508



Natalie Bowman, Appointed School Board Trustee

Elected to the board July 17, 2023

Elected to the board:  2015-2016

Phone: 830-456-5756




Judge Edwards, School Board Trustee

Elected to the board: 2018-2019                       

Re-Election Year:   May 2024

Phone: 830-992-6080



Keri Hensley, School Board Trustee

Elected to the board:  2023-2024             

Re-Election Year:  May 2026

Phone: 830-644-8381



Taylor Ward, School Board Trustee

Elected to the board:  2023-2024             

Re-Election Year:  May 2026

Phone: 830-456-2256