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Organizational Chart

Fredericksburg ISD values open and direct communication with parents. Parents are encouraged to address their questions or concerns to the person or office most directly involved in the matter's resolution. When a subsequent conversation is required, the usual chain of command should be followed (i.e., teacher to principal to appropriate central office administrator). Although there may be specific matters which need to be addressed in a manner other than what is prescribed below, parental and community inquiries should generally be directed as follows:

  • A child's teacher should be the initial point of contact when parents/guardians have a question or concern about specific issues, such as student progress, grade level or subject area curriculum, classroom practices or expectations, the instructional program, student assessment, student discipline, or other matters related to classroom activities or organization. Please look at campus links on school websites for teacher web pages. 

  • A campus administrator would be the appropriate person to contact initially when a question or concern exists, such as school rules or regulations, student placement practices, student registration, parent participation and involvement, student records, special programs, and related student services, building goals, other matters related to school-wide activities or organization, or any building-specific issues.

Fredericksburg Primary School: 830-997-7421

Stonewall Elementary: 830-990-4599

Fredericksburg Elementary School: 830-997-9595

Fredericksburg Middle School: 830-997-7657

Fredericksburg High School: 830-997-7551

Gillespie County High School: 830-990-4598