• Directions for Accessing Student Results via TexasAssessment.Gov

    Starting on June 28th:

    1) Visit TexasAssessment.Gov.
    2) Click “Find My Access Code” & log in.
    3) Review your child’s STAAR results and the personalized resources to support learning at home.
    4) At the beginning of the school year, discuss the results with your child’s teacher and work together to support your child’s learning.

Credit By Exam Dates

  • Fredericksburg ISD Credit By Exam Dates

    Upcoming Testing Dates:

    • Monday, August 2, 2021
      • Applications due by Friday June 10, 2021
      • Location to be determined



    Please contact Jessica Burrow by email: jessicab@fisd.org or 830-997-9551 for the
    application and affirmation.

Road to Recovery Information from TEA
Last Modified on June 30, 2021