UIL Results - 3 Sweepstakes!

Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 3/11/2022

Hello, Choir Parents and Students!

As we prepare for a restful Spring Break, I want to congratulate all of the choir students again on their Superior performances yesterday at UIL. Every single student who participated performed musically, thoughtfully and with so much heart. Our efforts in the sight-reading room were especially impressive. The judges reported that the students were focused and confident. I'm so proud of the choir students! 

The FMS Choir students made FMS history yesterday. We have only earned one other Sweepstakes (at least as far back as UIL results go - 2005), and we have NEVER before earned a "Clean Sweep" which means that all 6 judges gave us a Superior rating. However, we earned a clean sweep yesterday. Please congratulate your child again!

The FISD Choirs combined also made history yesterday. We have never returned from UIL with all 3 groups that participated earning Sweepstakes. 

Thank you for supporting your child in their love of music and singing. Have a wonderful weekend and Spring Break!

Ellie Parks, Choir Director, elliep@fisd.org, 512-387-1466