District of Innovation Plan

House Bill 1842, passed in the 84th Texas Legislative Session, provides an unprecedented opportunity for Texas public school districts to challenge the status quo. As a District of Innovation, Fredericksburg ISD will be able to implement our Strategic Plan with the increased flexibility and freedom necessary to engage students in relevant, compelling learning experiences in order to prepare them for life in a diverse, global society.
Leveraging the freedom and flexibility afforded as a District of Innovation will assure we are empowered to do so. Under HB 1842, districts may identify certain requirements imposed by the Texas Education Code (TEC) “that inhibit the goals of the plan and from which the district should be exempted on adoption of the plan. . .”   Because Fredericksburg ISD’s HB 3 Goals set forth specific goals under the initiative to improve college and career options and because Fredericksburg ISD seeks to maximize local control of educational decisions for students, Fredericksburg ISD seeks exemption from the plan's outlined permissible provisions of the TEC as allowed in the statute.